Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I don't have any pictures yet but... It's a GIRL!!! (At least that's what the doc says) Crazy to think that I am 22 weeks pregnant! Now the trick is getting everything ready for it. Shoot! We just got settled in!
For those of you that don't know ... we live in Tyler's parents basement apartment and we LOVE it! It's so nice and we can save our $$$$$$$$$!
Our lives consist of... work, sleep and of course dance and wrestling. I'm beginning to understand all the little rules of wrestling! I could care less before but now that my hubbys one of the coaches and my little bro-in-law wrestles I think it would be a good idea how everything works! But it's taking some time! HAHA! State is coming soonish... the middle of February! Don't worry, in High School I was a BIG SUPPORTER of the State Wrestles up at UVU ... just ask if I spent more than 10 minutes there! Let's just say it was a good Social Environment... even if you have no one to stay with (BUCK!) or learn how to drive up north! It's all the same adventure!
The studio is going good! It's a little rough trying to move but it's life! She'll be here just in time for the ending! (Good unexpected timing!) Competition is in a couple of months and I'm already getting nervous!
But other than that, we're livin on! Couldn't be happier!